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Focus on Recovery – Spokane Regional Opioid Task Force

Treatment Resources

Washington Recovery Helpline 

The Washington Recovery Help Line is a program of Crisis Connections. They offer an anonymous, confidential 24-hour help line for Washington State residents experiencing substance use disorder, problem gambling, and/or a mental health challenge. They can also connect callers with local treatment resources or more community services. To contact WA Recovery Helpline, call 1-866-789-1511.

Medication plays a critical role in the treatment of Substance Use Disorder (SUD).  When combined with counseling and/or behavioral therapies the potential for long term recovery greatly increases.  Over the course of this year alone, the Washington State Recovery Help Line has connected with 875 Spokane area residents, providing referrals to treatment and recovery services.  They have created an online search tool, Medication for Opioid Use Disorder (MOUD) locator,  to help connect individuals to waivered nurses and physicians that treat opioid use disorder. 

Spokane Cares is a nonprofit organization that strives to impove our community by helping those in need find resources.  They have a page focused on helping those with substance use disorder find recovery resources and housing.

Reporting a Grievance, Concern, or Complaint:

The Spokane County Regional Behavioral Health (SCRBH) (ASO) provides funding to a number of behavioral health services in Spokane and several surrounding counties.  If you or a family member has received services from one of their facilities and you have a concern or complaint about the service,

Call SCRBH at 1 (509) 477-4570, or Toll-Free at 1 (877) 304-7183.

Behavioral Health Crisis Services

Behavioral health crisis services are provided 24/7 to people experiencing mental health or substance use related symptoms, which are impacting an individual’s safety, well-being and functioning. Behavioral Health Crisis Hotline services staffed by skilled professionals to assess, resolve crisis by phone, make appropriate referrals, and/or dispatch mobile teams or the Designated Crisis Responder (DCR). The Spokane Regional Service Area Behavioral Health Crisis Hotline Number is 1 (877) 266-1818.

For walk in during business hours, go to Frontier Behavioral Health 107 S. Division Street, Spokane, WA 99202

    What to Expect

    In order to get into a substance use disorder treatment program, the first step in treatment is an evaluation. An evaluation can help you determine the level of care you need and develop a treatment plan that will work best for you. It is an open, honest dialogue between you and the behavioral health professional.

    True Story: Dave

    “My story starts with a prescription from my doctor for an injury, and turns to buying pills off the street, then to heroin. But my story isn’t linear. Most aren’t. It’s one of recovery, relapse and recovery, relapse and recovery.”

    Recovery Resources

    Treatment is a continuum of care, and even for people who have needed in-patient treatment, the road to recovery requires ongoing support. Spokane has several programs offering different types of support.

    Supportive Services

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